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I am going to show you Top 10 Workout Tips Muscle Building & Body Fat Burning Advice in these article, Your body image is an important component of the equation that is feeling good about your body, it is an important component of your self-esteem and self-esteem which develops a diet and exercise plan that works for you, but then The execution of this plan is an important component of the other two, the important components mentioned are confusing that I am not ending today.

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Top 10 fitness tips to help…

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You realize your sexiest physical potential is lift each body part once a week don’t need to do two I know I’m screwing up the universe you like Mondays chest Wednesdays chest and what am I gonna do on Friday huh I’m not doing chest three times a week I’m not gonna make gains absolutely false gentlemen here’s the deal your body needs rest okay you can absolutely make progress and make gains by only lifting each body part once a week what happens when you lift weights okay resistance training you’re actually breaking down muscle fibers that’s where you get sore lactic acid well these fibers need time they also need amino acids found in protein to rebuild a little bit bigger a little bit stronger repeating the cycle over and over and over again is going to you need to exercise you need rest and you need the building blocks i.e. protein in order to make that help muscle gain, happen but working out each body part once a week.

02 :

is each body part includes your lower body gentlemen unfortunately we cannot just work our chest and byes because it’s fun we got to do everything including your lower body the goal and ideas develop a well-balanced and symmetrical physique.

03 :

is don’t be afraid of cardio all right cardio is not some muscle eating activity that a lot of the Fitness Bros would lead you to believe all right muscle the muscle fiber once You have it it is not some precious little snowflake that is going to dissolve because you got your heart rate over 120 it’s just not going to happen gentlemen cardio is key to keeping the body fat low but also exercising your heart and lungs.

04 :

Is most workout supplements are crap now before you just start tossing your pre-workout drinks at me hear me out I used to be in the nutrition business and so I have a little bit of inside information in this and the deal is that a lot of the products that are on the market have absolutely no scientific based research backing the claims that they’re making in order to get you big swole jacked and all that 3d stuff but the deal is some of the stimulants like the pre-workout drink do absolutely get you up but a cup of coffee I’ll kind of do the same thing but one thing I would recommend before you waste your money on pre-workout drinks post-workout drinks or any of the stuff that they’re selling in nutrition Thor ens the first thing you need to do is buy and take a multivitamin alright you need to give yourself the basic nutrition before you start investing in all these crazy supplements all right nutrition first supplements second.

05 :

Is change at your workout routine up every single workout the deal is gentlemen if you do the same thing the same workout each and every time you go into the gym based on the body part you are not going to get the results that you’re looking for your body you need to get your body doesn’t want to change right your body’s like oh you’re gonna do the same thing it’s Tuesday I know he’s gonna come in and bang out a few sets of bench then head over to the dip machine through a few dips and then do some weak-ass hammer curls yeah your body gets used to it and so it stops actually responding you got to confuse it you got to throw in some Fitness curve balls so your body’s like oh it’s Tuesday and you’re doing legs what you’re not doing the same leg routine you did last week this is insane I’ve got no choice but to respond and grow now is this an oversimplification of what actually happens yes but the deal is you need to change your workouts around so if you find yourself in a workout or result rut it’s time to change it up, and workout also help muscle gain.

06 :

Is it’s all about consistency your body your physique will represent what you do diet and exercise wise most consistently so if you eat like crap consistently your body’s gonna reflect that if you don’t really exercise consistently your body is going to reflect that but if you exercise eat right most of the time consistently you throw in some cheat meals you take a few days off from the gym no sweat because your body will reflect what you do most consistently.

07 :

You do not need a gym membership in order to exercise there are a zillion and when I say a zillion I mean ten times the zillion things that you can do right around your house it doesn’t cost any money guys ‘Google’ it’s an amazing resource just search in what you’re looking for maybe it’s home chest exercise home bicep exercise you’re gonna get a tanner results guys you don’t need to spend a lot to look great.

08 :

If you are going to a gym know and respect gym etiquette put your dumbbells back on the rack and unload the plates from the machine you were using I’m not your mama I don’t want to clean it up do not drop or slam the weights I’m looking at you Cross Fitters and functional training guys yeah dropping weights from like here onto the ground it’s rude it breaks the equipment it’s loud it’s obnoxious if it can’t set it down properly it’s too heavy no selfies while you’re working out I don’t care that there’s the perfect lighting in the corner over  I don’t care that your abs look spectacular there don’t do it you look like a fool and everybody’s laughing at you wear deodorant and clean clothing prior to entering the gym yeah I’m looking at you certain cultures because there are certain cultures out there that don’t exactly have the grooming or hygiene regimen that most people do and you freaking stink I know when I walk into a gym if you’re there because I can smell you at the front counter it is Obnoxious and it ruins my workout wear deodorant you stinky bastard.

09 :

Is develop a program that’s right for you my program might not be right for you all right you may not have dreams or visions of six-pack ABS totally cool you just need to do what you need to do to feel good about yourself exercise regardless of if you’re in it to win it in terms of some some Abercrombie model physique right no big deal you got to do it because it’s good for you it makes you feel great it de-stresses you the benefits of exercise totally outweigh the negative which I can’t really think any negative to be honest but the deal is the hardest part about any fitness program is starting

I did a series of videos along with a series of workouts if you’re new to the fitness game and one little but direction alphas got you covered last but should be first is diet you need to have a healthy diet guys here’s the deal no exercise program alone is going to get you the results that you’re looking for you need to combine it with a sensible diet program what sensible diet program it’s really up to you but the deal is diet is eighty percent of the battle so why you look the way that you do alright you can work out twenty seven hours a day it doesn’t matter if you eat like crap you’re not gonna see the results and all the hard work you’re putting in if you’re looking for a little diet advice or help I did something called the alpha M diet plan it’s listed it’s going to give you a sort of a breakdown of what I do on a daily basis along with some ideas for you to implement in your new healthy diet and bonus.

10 :

If you’re not currently satisfied with the results that you’re getting in the gym you look in the mirror and you’re like I am working and it’s not showing go back to it because most of the time it boils down to diet gentlemen thanks for reading and have a good workout.

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