Tips for Preventing Knee Pain When Exercising

We get a lot of people coming into the Clinic for knee pain. Whether it be injury, overuse, degeneration – a lot of that is resultant from faulty mechanics. We see weakness at the hip Cause a lot of stresses at the knee Tips for Preventing Knee Pain When Exercising

Brendan’s gonna go ahead and show us Hat a bad squat looks like, and this is What we see pretty often, where we’ve Lost tension from above, and those knees Are now coming together.

We want to make sure that he develops tension from up higher. We’re gonna push those knees out so that when he comes down, the hip is in line with the knee, and the knee in line with ankle. That is a great squat.

Hips sitting back, and knees in line over the toes. So we’re gonna give you three exercises to help you to strengthen the glutes and help to maintain alignment of the knee. And this is just a strengthening for the glute muscles. So he’s gonna go ahead and lift up his hips into the air nice and tall till his body’s in a neutral position, and back down. So you’re just gonna want to perform that until you feel a nice burn through the glutes. The next exercise is just to lower down from a stair.

We want To see that you do it with a lot of Control. Again, we’re trying to keep the knee from tracking too far in or out. We want it to stay right over the toes. So Brendan’s gonna drop one foot down towards the floor, just really slow and controlled down and back up, and what you see is that his knee that’s lowering him is not wiggling about.

We want to make sure we’re tight in the gluts again, trying to keep the knee aligned. So for that exercise, you would, of course, want to perform it on the opposite side. Work until you feel the point of fatigue, which is where the muscles burning, but we don’t want you to be feeling pain. And for the last exercise, again we’re targeting the outer hips. We’re going to be placing a band around the ankles. These bands you can get at any sporting goods store. From there, he’s going to be taking some side steps, making sure that the shoulders aren’t swaying much.

We really want to isolate this to the hips, so just nice and steady steps until you feel fatigue on the outsides of the hip. So as you can see, that band is kind of trying to pull the knees in, and what you’re wanting to do is be active and pushing the knees out so that we’re strong through the hips.


Avoid knee pain

Tips for Avoid Knee pain and Injuries

    1. Maintain your weight.
    2. Wear sensible shoes.
    3. Warm up.
    4. Go to Weight trainer.
    5. Don’t suddenly change your exercise.
    6. Physical therapy.
    7. Walk. ( running )
    8. Swim.
    9. Workout.

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